Admission Requirements:

For new students (Pre-school/Grade 1)

  1. Photocopy of birth certificate
  2. One 2x2 picture
  3. Completed application form
  4. Paid application fee

For transferees (Grade 2-Grade 5)
requirements 1-4

  1. Accomplished Student Evaluation Form
  2. Copy of latest report card (form 138)

Steps in Applying:

  1. Obtain and fill up the Application form.
  2. Complete all the requirements.
  3. Submit the Application form and requirements
  4. Get Testing Permit
  5. Go to scheduled date of assessment. Present your Test Permit.
    Results and recommendations will be given after the assessment.

Download Student Application Form

     Achievers Special Education Center is a private, non sectarian school that caters to gifted, fast learners and regular students. All classrooms are fully air conditioned.

Class size:
     For Preschool, each class is composed of 20-25 pupils with 2 teachers.
     For Elementary, each class is composed of 30-35 pupils with 1 adviser and different subject teachers.

Class schedules:

School service: There are a group of accredited service operators in the school. Each service operator has his own specific route, example: Villa & Essel Park, Sindalan/Baliti. Inquiries can be made at the school

Uniforms: available at the school. If being sourced from outside of the school, they must conform to the school standard uniform
P.E. Uniform – available at the school

Books & Supplies: Book lists and supplies lists will be available by May. Books to be used for the school year will be available for purchasing at the school Supplies may be purchased at any local school supplies stores. Notebooks however are bought from the school.